Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Alex P. Keaton

What a spectacle it is to parade as a little gentleman!  To pray cross-legged in ur knickers to look both ways before helping cross your best ma'am to the other side of the cul de sac.  What motivates this curious species of 2nd grader to practice his manners during recess or draft a dowry when trading a Topps Tony Gwynn baseball card with a tomboy peer?  For certain a question with no answer but at least that good sir Alex Keaton provided a model, provided a template for this sort of boy we all remember all too well from grammar school.

A seminal fancyboi this petite dejeuner spoke for a generation of Reaganomic-warriors and fops-in-training on the hit sitcom "Family Ties".  If I had one wish I would ask Master Alex what he kept in that O_oo so perfect briefcase was it a briefcase inside a briefcase was it a hologram Carlton Banks drinking a sip cup of Sunny D orange drink was it retinal damage?   Let the market decide might his hero Milton Friedman declare.   And thus the crux of this paradox:  Supply of star neocon stud:  mere 1 Alex P Keaton; Demand:  the infinite love pulse of America's soccer-moms

Final verdict:  3 star fop

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