Saturday, April 16, 2011

Barbara Walters

O to be a lady fop.  The meditative ritual of one's morning ablutions, of setting one's curling iron of putting on a delicate singsong sundress one leg at a time how wunderbar it must be to read DH Lawrence as a young debutante knowing that those feelings u own are somehow both special and universal. 

Sure the word fop may not be a traditional lexicon for a lady.  But then again if Ini Kamoze's 90s hit "Here Comes the Hotstepper" is a construct, eating Pizza Hut stuffed crust while watching 7th Heaven or fibbing to ur friends about how u dont wear orthodontic headgear at night is a construct then i dont see why calling Barbara Walters a lady cant be a construct also.  I mean after all she did attend Sarah Lawrence.  O to attend a mixer with West Point gentlemen to refine one's political acumen yes BabaWawa u and ur liberal fancy have been a living document of our modern historical narrative.  What kind of pillow talk she's been privy to if those linens could talk I'd maybe have enough gossip to match Perez Hilton's daily caloric intake or create a late-nite PBS documentary special capable of keeping the rapt attention of pre-teen males hoping for a scent of nipple teach me Miss Walters teach me ur elegant touch.

Final Verdict:  2 star lady fop

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