Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Oui oui I do s'il vous plait wish that I could be a little prince in old republic France.  RSVP my seat in the grande ecole, where I could study (if u may pardon my french) the art of the french kiss the science of Madam Curie o the kinds of chemistry she might have inspired between a yipped Charlie Sheen and a lady of the burlesque.  An education in life and love, in vin and win-ning.  O how darling it must have been to drink bottles of purest evian of purest perrier that is the liquid joy Freud must have intuited when he referred to the ecstatic "oceanic spirit" that guides our souls to climb into the unknown to climb back into the womb!

But yes but indeed the clean finish of water need not only be a luscious drink but can be a sensual waterfall of hygeine for a fop in the little fancyboi's room.  To excuse oneself from a meal of escargot and French fries and use a bidet!!  That is the highest form of luxury.  L'eau de toilette monsieur.  And thus we at F or D announce our own political platform - not that icky FDR promise of a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage but a more refined call for baked brie in every school cafeteria and a bidet in every bathroom!

Final Verdict:  le fop superieur

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