Monday, April 11, 2011


(Image of Fops' Sundry Best Girls)

O to live the titanic life of a croquet mallet!  To send ball to and fro with the directed tumult of Heaven's force, bounding the possibilities of your opponent's next go with thunder and awe.  O to tend the potential energy of a ball, knowing that in an instant ur kinetic rage will run its course thru manicured lines of green verdant grass.  Or to be the guiding symbol of a hoop, funneling players to that beacon center peg!

Yes a fancyboi will cite any excuse to wear his best whites.  Who doesn't know a secular humanist or lapsed jew who found the spiritual gusto to don a pearl white suit with cream oxford shoes to Easter Sunday!  But when a fancyboi spends a lazy afternoon whipping balls in the back lawn of a friend's vacation home, kissing on his best girl with mint julep breath and accidently tucking his shirt directly under the elastic lining of his briefs.  Well that is pure fop.  Here goes a run-the-hoop ... Fore!!

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