Friday, April 15, 2011

Dandy Next Door (Clint)

Hi readers!  Welcome to our new feature Dandy Next Door in which we profile real-life dandies.  In this dandy counterpoint we hope to get a sense for what motivates this brand of fancyboi - what they do for fun, how they address a lady i.e. how they curtsey, if they know what happened to Whitley from A Different World.  For our inaugural entry we were lucky enough to interview Clint, a dear longtime friend of we gentleman-authors. 

Hi Clint!  Thanks for dropping by at F or D.  Maybe you can give us a brief glimpse of your dandy lifestyle. 

Would you say you are a typical dandy?  Indeed are there a variety of dandies?  What are some mysteries or misconceptions about dandies that you hope to clarify for our readers?

How do women respond to your sort of fancy?  How does West Coast fancy compare to East Coast fancy?

Hi Carl.
It's a pleasure to stop by Fop or Dandy.               
to answer some of your questions:
a fop is fay and lounging.
a dandy is masculine with accessories.
my fancy is unexpectedly charming.
versace wear, moschino on my bitches.
West Coast fancy is always cas.

Ok Think Fast Rorschach "Ink Blot" Style!

Rick Ross:  Fop or dandy?  Original Dandy.
Butterfly nets?  Fop.
Sock garters?  Dandy.
Primary parental relationship with father?  Dandy.
Primary parental relationship with mother?  Fop.
Owning a purebred airedale?  Inconclusive.

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