Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Drake's Fop Rule #1: Always Accept a Gift

Hypothetical Situation: A boi reaches a professional accomplishment - let's say a new tax bracket. With this, he achieves a fop milestone of independent wealth, one step closer to categorization as Young Man (YM). Let me be clear; your author does not celebrate overindulgence. Decadence is the single most important indicator of dandy behavior ("decadent dandy"). The fop knows that elegance is simplicity. Now our boi's father decides well wouldn't it be nice to treat my son to an elegant suit. Boi worries that acceptance of this gift may contradict the fop milestone, or even set him back.

Question: Does acceptance of this gift partially negate the growth into YM?

Answer: No. The fop remembers to always accept a gift under proper circumstances. The giver who gives not out of obligation but compassion deserves to realize the happiness and gratitude relative to utility of gift. Not to mention refusing this offer may offend the sensibilities of our boi's maker. As long as no dandy behavior is expected in return for a gift, it must be accepted.

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