Thursday, April 7, 2011

fine dining

"Dorsia? How impressive!"

Culture critics falsely categorize Patrick Bateman as example of gen X foppishness. His cohorts parade about town, one-upping each other via dinner reservations. Foolishly equating a 28+ Zagat rating for excellence, the dandy's palate is not naturally refined. They value aesthetic presentation and waiter skinniness in the dining experience; concerns of the effete. Preparation should only maximize taste. Food can be great art, but the fop strives for ultimate visceral pleasure. This author also recommends consistency in restaurants.

Where everyone knows your name.

Where the bartender knows the gin-vermouth balance your gumar prefers in her Manhattan.

Where they do not accept credit card. Need not look at the menu.

Welcome back, Mr. Laybeck. The usual?

Why of course, Wolfgang.

The astute reader of course knows my recommendation - Peter Luger Steakhouse.

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  1. came in from roslyn to chill in brooklyn last nite. walked past peter luger's approx 11pm. not insignificant number of juicehead and guidobois dining there. can any readers provide insight into this bridge and tunnel breed of fancyboi plz? thnx, carl winslow