Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fonzworth Bentley

How awful it is listen ad nauseum to consecutive 7th graders announce aloud that they will be marine biologists when they grow up!  To retrieve stray golf balls from a whale's blowhole, to milk hand-over-hand the udder of sea cow.  Only a middle schooler of juvenile sensibility would consider such an artless occupation to be life's goal.  No no no I always knew that to do things was a chore meant for the proletarian but instead the highest calling the most profound profession is to be paid to merely be.  Thus in opposition to those cranky social commentators who lament Paris Hilton and her ilk under the cliche of "famous for being famous" we at F or D speak out speak with effusive delight for the fabulous who make bank on their fancy esprit.

Consider Fonzworth Bentley.  This icon transcends the limits of "hip hop fop" bringing fop aesthetic to the masses.  Whether chauffering P Diddy, writing etiquette books or frolicing w music video girls, this Atlanta native stays bankrolled and moneyclipped for simply being on his front-rank swagger game.  Indeed our dear sir Freud should contend that at least subconsciously the fact this fancyboi studied in an adjacent ATL zip code must have cast some long and luscious shadow over my own education.  Why I always faced South when reading Voltaire/using product in my hair/applying Nair.  It must have been some magnetic supernatural intuition that a fancygod was mere miles away.  We hope to see u good sir rooting on the Hawks in tonite's Game 1 v the Orlando Magic!

Final Verdict:  4 star fop

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