Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fop next door (Chhhris)

Welcome readers to another session of Fop Next Door.  We at Fop or Dandy are always looking to meet fellow fancybois - please recommend to us any fop (or dandy) friends !!  Today we met in the 4D spacetime of the interweb with a favorite pal and local fop celebre, Chhhris.

Hi Chhhris!

Welcome to F or D!  It is quite an honor to host a native New Yorker fancyboi. 

Tell me, what separates Manhattan fancy from the rest of the US?  Delivery. 

Do you view the rest of America as poseur or as kin fop brothers sharing your dream of a fancy communion?  The rest of America is watching TV while we're watching fancy.

Were you born fancy or was it an evolution into fancy?  Revolution.

What are 3 "must-haves" that any fop should have in their wardrobe?  Kit, tony, and burled walnut.

If fop was a rap song what song would it be and why?  "Ivory Toast & Gold" by the Burled Walnut.

What are your playoff predictions for the Knicks?  Yes!

In 5 words predict Summer 2011.  1) Summershine, 2) summertime, 3) summercity, 4) Coney Island hot dogs and Bud Light Lime, 5) minimum SPF 30, 6) Peaches.

OK Think Fast!!
Ceiling fans:  F or D? F
The Kareem Abdul-Jabbar "sky hook" shot? D
Sporks? A
Bear Grylls? Please advise.
Hello Kitty? C
Kettle chips? D

Thanks Chhhris!  Also check out his rap track below, produced by none other than fop icon and fashion muse for we gentlemen-authors, Mr. Darwin Deez!  It's sure to be a summer jam skeeyurpppp

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