Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fop Next Door (Zeke)

 Hi readers!  Welcome to our new feature Fop Next Door in which we profile real-life fops.  For our inaugural entry we were lucky enough to interview Zeke, an inspirational and close friend of we gentleman-authors.  We hope you find his blue skies attitude and genuine fancy to be as contagious as we do!

Hi Zeke!  Thank you for visiting us at F or D!  Maybe you could describe your usual weekday.
Sure. I don't like to get out of bed before 10 am, I eat as much fruit and ice cream as I can and I like to exercise every day. The best is when I can swim outdoors or go dancing.

Very Wunderbar.  How important do you think it is for a young fancyboi to develop their own personal style?
Some people think style is a luxury, but I think it's inevitable. You're going to have to wear pants and shoes most days, so which ones do you choose? Even more important, most days you're going to have to talk to other people. That's the most definitive style. Are you kind to them? Do you value your own time and theirs? People will probably see that before they see your shoes.

How does fop affect your interpersonal relationships?  Are most of your friends fancy?  Do you make non-fancy friends because they're non-fancy or inspite of it?
It's hard to help liking good-looking people. But I also think that your personality makes you good-looking or not. Your face and body grow into the expressions and movements you make with them. My good friend Sam taught me that.

Can you list some fop role models?
Howard Roark, Adrien Brody, John Lennon, Prince Andrei Bolkonsky

As you know Zeke I'm been pleased to witness your delightful transition from a Himalayan Long-Hair to an Abyssinian Short-Hair fop.  How relevant is hair-length to fancyness?
Long hair is like neon shirts - some people can totally wear that, and it's easy to tell who they are.

 What are your impressions of dandies?  Do you welcome all fancybois or could you do without the so-called "dandy invasion"?
Style is how you are, and that's inseparable from who you are. So dandy is like when you paint your sailboat before making sure it's seaworthy. A real fop would rather have a natural wooden sailboat that's made from the best hardware.

OK think fast!
Oakley Sunglasses - Fop or Dandy? Dandy
Cuff links? Fop
Ribbed condoms? Dandy
JFK Jr? Fop, but close.
Cocoa butter SPF 15? Dandy
Cafe au lait? Dandy, but try me.
John Boehner? I hate that dude, but fop.

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