Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fop or Dandy? First Principles, Phenotypes and Definitional Compass

(image of archetype fop Dorian Gray)

Welcome readers!! With this blog I hope to catalog and rarefy our nation's topical discourse on all things fancyboi. Once tossed to the gutter of cultural memory, left for history in the delicious biographies of Oscar Wilde or Frederick of Prussia, the fancyboi has once again become zeitgeisty and fashionable. But unhappily the fancyboi is not a uniform substance!! On one side the Fop transits in a world of blithe fun and decadent trimmings. O to wear seersucker on a dingy boat O_oo to wear a lovely sailor hat with your best girl. The fop is authentic and grand, he is a boy with esprit and passion. Top of the morning to you sir!! However his antagonist the Dandy suffers from two fatal flaws - he both lacks sincerity in his sensibility and he tries too hard to make up for it. His bowtie is forced and deliberate. His parasol impure and superfluous. O how you give fanciboys a bad name u gutless wonder!!

And so a compass for this blog. It is part of human nature to rank, categorize and produce hierarchy. Here I encourage readers to send requests of those instances du notre monde that are ambigously fancy. Eg. "Is Coke Zero dandy?" or "What is the most foppish Hudson Valley village?" "do Dandys go to Heaven?" These are all important questions that I look forward to reducing to a simple fop/non-fop binary. Enjoy!

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