Saturday, April 9, 2011

George Washington

Ok realtalk.  This is history right here this is realtalk this is dedicated to all the munchkins playing tiddly winks to all my Raffy dudes listening to Raffy this is for the big kahuna of capture-the-flag this is dedicated to Lambchops Sing Along singing at the top of their lungs singingforeversingingreallyloud this is dedicated to Nickelodean Jr to my David the Gnome ppl to my Maya the Bee type ish to Jenny Jones when mom is on her morning ablutions this is for all my ppl in 2nd grade in the struggle pledging allegiance   leggo'ing my eggo waffle this is for my ppl singing the National Anthem like Raffy taught em to sing u know me u know me im ur dude im Carl Winslow u see me on the television I'm down with Laura I got Steve and Stefan on speeddial u know me u can trust me.  Ok this is realtalk u follow?

Ok sit down for this i need to tell u something k?  So like,  like u know George Washington, that guy who parted the Red Sea who lived in a fort who invented the 1 dollar bill.  That man, that man George Washington wore a wig.  That man's hair was not made of plethoric wavy locks of silver-white foppish beauty but powdered with the dandy sentiment of a glitter stick.  That man might as well worn glitter in his hair. 

Final Verdict:  2 glitter sticks on scale of 1 to dandy

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  1. Get off my island and out of my country you Benedict Arnold style dandyboi.