Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jesper Parnevik

How precious it must be to shop with this viking wonder!  Mush Mush Mush just picture this specimen slushing quick thru the Swedish Arctic Lapland, driving his dogsled hi-ho hi-ho keeping the pace keeping the huskies in synch to the golden harmonies of an ABBA single.  Fashionable and fit, Jesper brings a sense of whimsy and the avant-garde to the golf course.  He is rumored to have even changed outfits midway during a round!  Yes he is a true tour de force on the PGA.  But the question remains:  fop or dandy?  Flipped-bill of the cap sir?  Check.  Pastel disco pants sir?  Check.  An estimable je ne sais quoi and affirmation of life's boundless dimension sir?  Checkmate!! 

Indeed without doubt this man is 4 star fop.   Yes good sir u are proof that the communal pathos of democratic socialism may still produce individual zest may still produce individual brilliance.  See you on the 19th hole!!

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