Friday, April 8, 2011

Joe the Plumber

Never has a blue collar been so fancy!  This boi adds a hint of cerulean to his workshirt and a panorama of blue skies optimism to all our days.  O to live the aquamarine life of a plumber moving swimmingly working w finesse w profound instinctual know-how managing the labyrinthine piping of an Ohio split level ranch house.  What young lady wouldnt want to see this gentlemen's coiffed plummage!  Just 50$/hr labor ma'am plus parts and danger pay and he's all yours.

But this fop has street smarts and book smarts!  Watch him ask the tough questions to John McCain watch him schmooze with Sarah Palin.  If Mr. Clean and Michelle Bachman played 7 minutes in Heaven 9 months later this weirdly beautiful troll man would manifest from the moldy dew of ur basement closet... U are a lady's Joe 6-Pack fantasies made real    o_oo how an idea comes to fruition to mold a vision into Plato's purest reality that is quintessential fop.  Golden days good sir and we look forward to u next election cycle!

Final Verdict:  2 star fop

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