Thursday, April 7, 2011

Kobe Bryant

Cheers to J Chng for our first reader-recommended entry (see og entry)!!  Yes u too faithful reader may help shape the thematic compass of F or D by writing us useful comments.  I need to state first things first - I once heard a rumor that a friend-of-a-friend's older sister turned down Kobe when he asked her to go to Lower Merion High School Prom.  Now maybe it's just the gentleman-authors of this blog but I've never heard of a fop (4 star or otherwise, yes even fop-in-training) to be rejected when asking a gentlelady to a ball, especially one's high school prom!  I ask myself a looping refrain of questions - Kobe did u remember to curtsey?  Did you bring a handsome ring to suggest u wanted to go steady with her?  Did u even refer to her as ur best girl ??!?

So far all directions point to dandy.  Sure u look great look absolutely wunderbar for ur age u ageless basketball megastar but to be honest I can't really sign on to this whole "my body is a temple" lifestyle.  I mean I'm not even Jewish and u want me to go to a temple!!  Why don't u go back to Italy w the rest of those proselytisers!  O yea and try winning a ring without a dominant big man and no one cares about ur Kobe Bryant-length hair.  U've been deemed dandy Mr Bryant !!


  1. Dear Sir Dave,

    I feel that your haphazard use of exclamation points crosses the threshold separating fop from dandy. Since the days of Henry James it has been known that the exclamation point is the most dandyish form of punctuation. I encourage you to rely less on this affected crutch and instead increase experimentation on the alchemy of the ellipse.


    Jake Jarmel

  2. I disagree. The exclamation point, when used judiciously, is not mere dandyism. Its very shape expresses the trajectory of the soul as it rises, triumphant, from the doldrums of mere periods.

    As for a reader suggestion: I believe there is much more geography to be mapped in the region of fop and dandy breakfast foods.

  3. F or D has jumped the shark. You would have been wise to consider reader submissions when this blog was still relevant. You've gotten too big for your Columbia Outdoors Sportswear britches.

  4. Why did Kobe have to hit that raw?