Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lil B

Our inaugural "hiphop fop" this fancyboi embraces grandma's clip-on earrings and rocks a hogwartz cardigan sweater in the cipher.  Indeed an eternal boi wonder watching a Lil B video is like reading the verse of an epic greek poem, the dionysian east bay thugdood in existential inner turmoil with the appolonian indie backpacker.  in conclusion, tiny pants tiny pants tiny pants!

Tentative verdict:  fop-in-training

(historical re-enactment of Lil B asking best girl to go steady)
Lil B:  hey u looking good looking like u wanna make a toaster strudel for me
best girl:  o me?
Lil B:  mmhmm i have a special feeling a secret i wanna tell u about.  i wanna tell u u've been my best girl since pluto was a planet since george washington invented the 1 dollar bill since sartre had cross eyes since i wore these tiny pants since they got the new mom on fresh prince  i crush on u like Hannah Arendt crushed on Heidegger like Ninja Turtles on Pizza its Big Apple 3am
best girl:  (^o^)

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