Thursday, April 14, 2011

meditation on a 5 star fop

Assumption:  Some years ago a relevant pedant decided to call our world "post-modern."  Dandy academics have since consented to what they recognize as a commodification of emotion and a meta-inversion of our more teutonic instincts.  Thus our own fancy is remote from Oscar Wilde and his hagiography of the 5 star fop in The Picture of Dorian Gray (i.e. the archetype fop).

Thesis:  Today's society lacks the requisite environment to nurture this sort of archetype fop.

Anti-Thesis/Dialectic:  The fop rejects the rubric of sociology.  Instead he intuits a cosmic lineage outside the realm of normative existence.  With this in mind we at of F or D hope in earnest faith that the 5 star fop walks among us.

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