Saturday, April 9, 2011

meditation on dandy food couture

Assumption:  There exists individuals whose preferences conform to a dandy phenotype.  As social actors, they use money to purchase sustenance.  To the extent that money is value-neutral I may take the dandy's coin and profit from their wayward patterns of consumption.

Thesis:  I will borrow my mother's muffin baking pan.  I will pour strudel batter and chocolate syrup into these moldings.  10 minutes later I will remove this fluffy treat out of my Easy-Bake Oven and pile mountains of sprinkles and frosting onto them.  I shall call my uninspired invention a "cupcake."  The bank will loan me money to rent a modest street-level space in SoHo.  I will sell my cupcakes at five times the price of a doughnut.   Dandies will flock to my store after their cotillions and etc.  With my new wealth I should learn to walk like a rich person.

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