Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stefan Urquelle

O to live in Weimar Germany.  To be at the apex of couture when our Freudian instincts were most potent were most wunderbar.  Liberated from feudal empire but still close to that Viennese bourgeois in geography and attitude, when the id and ego tangoed with the marvelous violence of a latin dance!

Today these sorts of sensual passions rarely play out in our collective psychology.  How could it when our media presents life in the monochromatic typecast of the uniform, singular personality.  To be neurotic like Ross, to be sarcastic like Chandler, to be a dolt like Joey.  After all, the occasional sitcom viewer requires some element of stability in their characters.  Not so Steve Urkel!!  This creation of Jaleel White is of trans-historical merit.  His quotable catchphrases and highwater pants, his fluency in the scientific method and loyalty to Laura.  But what is more - his remarkable alter ego in Stefan Urquelle!!  How he tended that Freudian conflict!  What joie de vivre it takes to will to power a Roman narcissism and smooth-talking silvertongue.  This gentleman is a fop by any measure.  We salute u good sir as we ask that eternal question "got any froommmaaggge?"

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