Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vampire Weekend

So divisive these fancybois are!!  Having brought fancy couture to the mainstream it is obv that some may "hate" on these boys for making a niche aesthetic universal and commercial.  So postmodern so ivy league so nonchalant so girl-hungry so adorable so self-aware so dapper so fastidious so remote so pretentious so punk so anti-punk such a contradiction.  Boys born in the ethos of the fringe experimental "world music" Sandanista album of The Clash and matured in the haunts of Columbia.  At the outset I should state my biases - I am currently a student at their alma mater.  Eating endless bowls of lentil soup at Barnard cafeteria, attending varsity volleyball matches, cycling reading rooms at Butler Library - I can't help but to get nostalgic that my own fancy is also tracing the foppish footsteps these boys imprinted several years ago.  Ezra, did u also wear a summer scarf when checking out Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus from the circulation desk?  Did u also use the word "trope" when hitting on ur number one waitress at The Hungarian?  Tapping into this mythology of fancy clouds one's objectivity but yes but yes indeed I stand above this spectral grey on the Olympian heights of the fancy Pantheon.

Yes, here on my fop pedestal I may look down and recognize my own kind.  And yes Vampire Weekend u are true fops.  Yes u may be douchey and yes it may be a pose but u have transcended it with the Hegelian metaphysics of an even more beautiful, more dynamic logic.  Cheers to u sirs cheers to u foppish wonders.

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